Armazém Mateus - Mateus Group's wholesale operation

Armazém Mateus is one of the largest wholesalers in Brazil, the largest in the northern and northeastern regions of Brazil. In addition to supplying to most retailers in these two regions, it plays an essential role in supplying to the Mateus Supermarkets and Mix Atacarejo cash & carry chains, enabling the stock of these two chains to have excellent service levels with low disruption rates, with the help of advanced and exclusive inventory, sales and delivery management systems.

There are five Distribution Centers strategically located in the cities of São Luís, Davinopólis, Teresina, Belém and Benevides. This robustness in logistics has the function of transporting more than 23 thousand items from 775 suppliers with fluidity and dynamism.

Armazém Mateus in figures:

    Number of states served: 5
    Number of employees: 2,700
    Sales force: 1,200 sales reps
    Total stock area: 185,000 m²
    Number of warehouses: 10
    Range of products (SKU): 24,000
    Number of suppliers: 775
    Number of corporate customers: 13,000
    Number of docks: 367
    Simultaneous unloading capacity: 150 trucks
    Overall warehouse capacity (pallet positions): 255,000
    Company-owned delivery vehicles: 338

    Yearly revenue: BRL 5 bn (2017)

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