With an extensive network of stores suited to the profile of every area serviced, ranging from relatively small stores with an essential mix of products to large ones with a wider mix of products. Some of them also offer caffeterias, restaurants, bakeries and other conveniences such as ATMs. A section with home appliances and electronic devices is a common extra feature of most of the stores. There is one thing all of the stores share in common: the unbeatable prices only the Mateus Group's retail chains can offer.


Since the year 2000, when Mateus first opened in Balsas, initiating the retail expansion plan, the Mateus Supermermarkets chain has had a vigorous and steady growth, starting to operate in other cities in the states of Maranhão and Pará, including both capital cities. Today, the chain has 26 stores in 11 towns and cities.


Mateus Supermarkets stores are found in strategic locations, either in small towns or in neighborhoods and central areas of large cities or capitals. You can also find Mateus acting as anchor stores at shopping malls, such as Rio Anil Shopping, Shopping da Ilha and Pátio Norte, in São Luís.

A Mateus store in the Renascença neighborhood in São Luís: one of the best rated stores within the Mateus Supermarkets chain.